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Hey, hi, this is Valentina, nice to meet you, and this is my website born in 2012 when I did opened my little cooking school here in Italy: Foodies’ Place. Up untill yesterday I used to update my website at sloth-speed, however, from now on, things are going to change!

I am Italian, originally from Piedmont – from Monferrato to be precise – the land of good wine, white truffles and good food, but nowadays I live just outside of Milan. Like many, I love travelling and, obviously, eating. I love new smells and new flavours, oh ya and I will talk to anyone, even stones.


My village in Italy: Ponzano Monferrato (AL) – Piedmont

In 2010 I left my job as Software Analyst (ex software nerd), to open my cooking school (now cooking nerd) in 2012. It was my dream that began years ago while in Canada where I lived and studied, when back in the days I used to teach my friend Diane how to cook salmon.

My little school is in my home: I have a big kitchen (well at least by Italian standards), but don’t imagine one of those super duper kitchens – it is a normal, regular one, like yours. I’ve thought everything from the basics of cooking, to sweet pastry, wok techniques, bread, pizzas and any kind of  leavened product. It has been a fantastic adventure that has given me much satisfaction. People have come from all over the world to learn how to make fresh pasta or some
choux pastry. After all this work, in 2015 I joined the FIC (Italian Cook Federation). Really? ME? Things with the school are going really well and the demand is high, yet neither myself nor my gipsy spirit are ready to settle down and get “bigger”. So, here is the deal: I am just going to put everything up on my website!

Yes, I said EVERYTHING: lessons, recipes, videos, pictures… mmm the pictures.


My friend Diane’s notes – back in 2002 or 2003

Uh yes, the pictures. You know how it goes, dish after dish, shot after shot for Facebook or Instagram or Twitter and, slowly, another very very big old dream of mine comes back: the love for pictures and the dream to learn how to shoot properly. Here you will see this as well: my growth, I hope, as photographer.

Those who know me know that I am a sensory animal (is this even proper English?) I live through colours and by images, of peoples I remember their colours, their scent, I hardly remember their names (ask my guys here who attended my courses, the nicknames I used to made up). To me cooking and photography represent the way I see the world: colours and smells.

Here, it is going to be like that, I’ll babble trying to explain a smell and then I’ll shout explaining a concept. Somewhere I’ve read that when writing a blog you should be yourself 100% of the time, well in that case one day is going to be up and the next down, one day is going to be in colours and the next in black and white with or without music. Sometimes even some swear words… oh my during classes I can sometimes really have a bad mouth… I can say really dirty things, but hey that’s me, I can’t help it. Oh ya, I am a lefty and a “tiny bit” precise in the kitchen and where all the tools should go, but then I keep all my books under the bed, maybe because they are closer to the heart.

My little ones

My little ones, a while ago, boy time flies!

I have two kids that today are 6 “almost a half” years old (Alice) and 8 pushing 9 (Alessandro). I always talk about them. I even have a husband who “endures” me and takes care of some of the strategic part of this project. I don’t have a dog, yet because we don’t have a garden, but we are working on it. I’m still hoping with all my heart to move back to Canada one day, my Canada, and one day I’ll make it.

I am very curious and I like to get to the bottom of things, I like to understand the what, the why and the because, and sometimes I throw them at you, saying things like: “you know that if you add a teaspoon of white vinegar to the water of boiling potatoes they won’t fall apart, not even if overcooked?”… then I would continue, asking “would you like to know why?”… See, nerd down to the bone.

Just to talk a little about food: I love it all, strong flavours, vegetarian dishes, a good steak, but sometimes even Granny’s chicken soup. I’d try any food at least once and I morph into a kid that touches and smells everything if you take me in of those fancy markets like St. Lawrence market in Toronto. I adore spices and fresh herbs.

st lawrence market toronto

St. Lawrence Market – Toronto

Please come and  “bug me” on my socials, on Facebook here and  here, on Twitter, PinterestInstagram, and even on  LinkedIn. And as soon as I understand how Snapchat and Google Plus work I’ll let you know (youngsters stuff)… oh ya, one more thing, subscribe the newsletter, maybe sooner or later I’ll start mailing out recipes and procedures, and probably some exclusive content too.

Thank you for passing by. Comment and share what you like and drop me a line to ask me for what it is not up here yet!


Toronto – Canada

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